My experience of Emerald & Emsculpt for fat loss and muscle build

Not that I needed to “lose weight” as such, but as with many women, I was always looking at ways to lose those stubborn excess lbs and inches and so when I was introduced to the new Emerald Laser machine, I was keen to have a go!

I had 6 sessions focussing on the stomach, lower back (love handles) and thigh areas. 4 of the sessions I bolted on Emsculpt on the stomach only.

The Emerald laser fat loss treatment is 15 mins per session. So I had 15 mins on my back which focussed on the stomach, same on thighs, and then rolled over for the backs of thighs and lower back areas (so 1 hour treatment time in total). The treatment is completely painless and very relaxing, I often fell off to sleep which was lovely!  I didn’t feel a thing and just saw the green laser beam on my body and the quiet whirr of the machine.

The Emsculpt (for toning and building muscle) however takes some getting used to and is quite uncomfortable until you get used to the feeling!  I had this treatment on my stomach area and it it contracts your muscles in quick succession with various hold lengths and tapping sensations, in a repeated sequence until the end (30 mins total). It is bearable and gets easier as you get used to it – but as it is the equivalent of 30,000 sit ups in 30 mins, you would expect some discomfort!  No pain no gain right!

After each treatment I made sure I drank plenty of water as recommended by my lovely therapists and also I ensured I was active to encourage the dissolving of fat cells. I am a regular gym go-er so I would not expect miracles if you don’t already live a fairly healthy lifestyle!  These treatments are great to supplement exercise and healthy nutrition  – they are not miracle cures!

Overall I am very pleased with the results, particularly as I changed nothing regarding exercise or eating. I lost visible inches from my waist and thigh circumference and felt slimmer. My clothes felt like they fit better too!

Not so afraid to dig out the beach wear now so thanks team!