AQ Growth Factor (GFIT) Recovery Facials

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3 AQ GFIT Facials (1 Hour)

3 LP Facelift Facials with Dermastamp (1 Hour)

3 Medilux Facials with AQ Recovery Masks ( 45minutes )

Dramatically improves the appearance of ageing and damaged skin also great for post-procedure treatments. Made with a highly concentrated formula that transforms skin cells to a younger state and fortifies the skins ability to repair DNA damage that causes signs of ageing. Using a Dermastamp to introduce the Growth Factor Recovery Serum into the skin. We also are combining with 3 Radiofrequency skin tightening treatments with Dermstamping & 3 Medilux with the Medical grade growth factors masks. With theses tecghonolgies combined : This is one of our most advanced skin care treatment packages we do in the clinic!

Great for: Antiageing, Acne, Scars and Burns


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