Cellstory Treatment Course

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CELLSTORY treatment course x 4

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The 8-Step CELLSTORY Skin Treatment.

Cellstory is the newest form of meso-therapy. Cellstory uses 50,000 microscopic needles (microspears) to penetrate the skin. These microspears remain in the lower part of the epidermal layer for up to 72 hrs. After this point the skin will naturally exfoliate them up and out, for that ULTIMATE Skin rejuvenation. Cellstory is unique by coating its microspears with a “Yellow Calming Complex”, this combination is their patented composition and what makes it so unique.

Cellstory is an innovative 8 step program that includes top ingredients in Korean skincare with Micro-Spear®️ technology. Ingredients include; Growth Factors, Plant Stem Cells, Amino Acid Complex’s, Centella, Panthenol (B5), Yellow Calming Complex, and more. Ingredients like growth factors and stem cells do not have the metabolic weight to naturally penetrate the skin barrier. Cell Story is unique by using Micro-Spear®️ technology to improve the skins absorption rate.

Cell Story treatment results can be seen after first treatment but we advise a course of 4 for optimal results Minimal downtime, minimal discomfort, fast results. Make up can be applied the following day.