Emface Course of 8 – Launch Offer




Emface is our newest no-needle facial device to not only improve the skin of the face, as it succumbs to ageing, but which actually strengthen the facial muscles that become weaker during the ageing process.

As the ageing process takes its toll, we can experience a myriad of facial concerns, from lines and wrinkles of the skin, to muscle depletion and loss of facial tone. Each decade after we turn 30, we lose an average of 3-8% of our facial muscle mass.

Some patients aren’t happy to undergo invasive facial surgery or non-surgical treatments such as injectable wrinkle smoothing or dermal fillers, so if you are one of these patients, or simply would like to have tighter, lifted facial muscles and fewer facial wrinkles, this non-injectable, non-surgical device could be just what you are seeking.



Clinical studies have showed that the simultaneous emissions of synchronized RF & HIFES energies reduces the effects of the facial ageing process.

37% Wrinkle Reduction

23% Lifting Effect

30% Increase in Muscle Tone

200% Increase in Elasticity!!!