Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment

Say Goodbye to Ageing Eyes with our Best Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment

The skin around our eyes often shows the first signs of ageing. It is thinner and more delicate than other skin, becoming even thinner with age as levels of collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid deplete. It is also naturally drier because it has fewer sebaceous glands to keep it hydrated.

This delicate skin definitely needs some extra attention and TLC, so we have our NEW Growth Factor Eye Treatment that helps restore, replenish and Tighten the Eye Area leaving you wide eyed and bushy tailed! 

The Treatment is carried out with small Dermastamp and the AQ Recovery Serum which is pushed into the skin surrounding eye. This helps improve texture, laxity & Repair. With its 60% Growth Factors it really is an amazing Treatment with minimal downtime….. why not add on to any facial treatment or have as a stand alone treatment with the AQ full face intensive moisture mask (also including growth factors) and LED Light Therapy! 

GFIT Eye Treatment Prices: 

6 Sessions of the GFIT Eye Treatment : £350

30 minutes 

6 Sessions of the GFIT Eye Treatment + Mask + LED Therapy : £500

1 Hour