The brand new EMsculpt Neo is the ultimate body contouring treatment combining Radio Frequency with High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) energy to provide even better muscle building and fat reduction results, with added benefit of skin tightening too, all with no pain and no downtime.

• More muscle, less fat
• More results, less treatments
• More confidence, less time to see results


EMsculpt Neo builds off the legacy of its predecessor, EMsculpt, and is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that combines emitting both radio frequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a single 30-minute session. The end result is 30% less fat and 25% more muscle!
With just 4 treatments, lasting 30 mins each, scheduled 5-10 days apart, with EMsculpt Neo, you will see more results in less time and with less treatments required!

Each treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats or crunches and targets your muscles deeper in a way that no workout at the gym could ever achieve, all without you having to move a muscle or break a sweat!

With the addition to the clinic of new smaller applicators, we are now able to treat 9 areas of the body and is the only non-invasive body sculpting treatment approved to treat the troublesome inner thigh and saddle bag areas.

All clients have a full body assessments and treatments are customised to you with personalised body packages for optimum results. And, with multiple machines, we can offer dual sculpting packages and can treat multiple areas at the same time! And after your initial course of treatments, we can offer monthly top-up sessions and maintenance packages to keep you in tip top shape all year round, as well as help to prevent muscle loss associated with ageing.


As well as the aesthetic benefits of fat reduction muscle building, EMsculpt Neo has many functional benefits too and can be used to help with improvements in overall strength and athletic performance, post-partum conditions including diastasis recti and other health related issues such as back pain which can really benefit from strengthening the core area. EMsculpt is also amazing post-injury too and can help to maintain muscle mass and strength during rehabilitation.


The AL5 is passionate about feminine health and at the clinic we have created special combination of treatments to get women looking and feeling their best post-pregnancy. Combining the powers of EMsculpt Neo to help to build muscle and burn fat, with the EMsella chair to target the pelvic floor and give you the ultimate in core tightening, EMtone to target cellulite and with Exilis ultra 360 for skin tightening


EMsculpt Neo is the only treatment to target the tricky inner thighs and saddle bags areas, plus is best treatment for giving you a non-invasive bum lift, so why not combine it with EMtone to target cellulite for the ultimate leg makeover?

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