Introducing CELLSTORY to The AL5 Aesthetics

Unlock Radiant Skin:

A comprehensive guide to the 8-step CELLSTORY skin treatment

CELLSTORY is the newest form of meso- therapy.
CELLSTORY uses 50,000 microscopic needles (microspears) to penetrate the skin. These microspears remain in the lower part of the epidermal layer for up to 72 hrs. After this point the skin will naturally exfoliate them up and out, for that ULTIMATE Skin rejuvenation. CELLSTORY is unique by coating its microspears with a “Yellow Calming Complex”, this combination is their patented composition and what makes it so unique.
CELLSTORY is an innovative 8 step program that includes top ingredients in korean skincare with Micro-Spear® technology. Ingredients include; Growth Factors, Plant Stem Cells, Amino Acid Complex’s, Centella, Panthenol (B5), Yellow Calming Complex, and more. Ingredients like growth factors and stem cells do not have the metabolic weight to naturally penetrate the skin barrier. CELLSTORY is unique by using Micro-Spear® technology to improve the skins absorption rate.
CELLSTORY treatment results can be seen after first treatment but we advise a course of 4 for optimal results Minimal downtime, minimal discomfort, fast results. Make up can be applied the following day.

The 8 Transformative Steps of CELLSTORY Treatment:

Introduction: The CELLSTORY treatment represents a revolutionary approach in skin rejuvenation, featuring eight meticulously designed steps that harness the power of advanced bio-ingredients to enhance skin health and aesthetics. This post delves into
each step, offering insights into the innovative CELLSTORY Plus Meso-Care Program that leverages the unique Microspear® technology for profound skin regeneration.

Step 01: CELLSTORY Plus Cleanser
The journey begins with the CELLSTORY Plus Cleanser, which is much more than just a face wash. It’s crafted with growth factors that provide a non-irritating cleanse while simultaneously nourishing the skin. This step sets the foundation for effective skin treatment by balancing moisture and oil, and preparing the skin for subsequent rejuvenation processes.

Step 02: CELLSTORY Plus Fluid
Following cleansing, CELLSTORY Plus Fluid acts as a powerful toner. It lowers the skin’s temperature while delivering exceptional moisture. This step not only soothes the skin but also enhances its resistance to external irritants, preparing it for deeper treatment effects.

Step 03: CELLSTORY Plus Awake Essence 
The third step involves the CELLSTORY Plus Awake Essence. This essence serves as a booster by increasing skin absorption function and activating skin cells. It prepares the skin by opening the pores and setting the stage for the active ingredients that follow.

Step 04: CELLSTORY Plus Activator Ampoule 
The Activator Ampoule is where the intensive skin conditioning happens. This ampoule is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which protect the skin from environmental damage while encouraging moisture retention and soothing the skin.

Step 05: CELLSTORY Plus Meso-Care
At the heart of the treatment is the CELLSTORY Plus Meso-Care. This is where the Microspear® technology comes into play, penetrating the skin to stimulate the basal layer, promoting microcirculation, and enhancing the oxygen supply which is crucial for skin regeneration.

Step 06: CELLSTORY Plus Ultra Gel
Following the intensive treatment, the CELLSTORY Plus Ultra Gel provides immediate soothing and hydration. It strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, reducing moisture loss and soothing the skin post-treatment.

Step 07: CELLSTORY Plus Calming Mask
The Calming Mask is designed to rapidly soothe the skin and improve its natural moisturizing and barrier functions. This step helps the skin recover from any stress and prepares it for the final rejuvenation phase.

Step 08: CELLSTORY Plus Recovery Cream
The final step is the Recovery Cream, which locks in moisture and nutrients, providing high nourishment and inducing skin respiration. This step ensures that the benefits of the previous treatments are maximized and sustained, leading to healthier, rejuvenated skin.

The CELLSTORY treatment is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that ensures each phase of the skin’s rejuvenation is meticulously catered to. This program not only addresses surface level skin issues but also works deep within to promote lasting health and beauty.

1 session: £275
4 sessions: £1,000

Special offer – combination course of 2 AgeJET & 2 Cellstory treatments: £2,500 (saving of £400)