• 37% Wrinkle Reduction
• 32% Lifting
• 30% Increase in Muscle Tone
• 200%Increase in Elasticity!!

As the ageing process takes its toll, we can experience a myriad of facial concerns, from lines and wrinkles of the skin, to muscle depletion and loss of facial tone. Each decade after we turn 30, we lose an average of 3-8% of our facial muscle mass.

NEW! What is EMFACE Submentum?
EMFACE Submentum is the only non-invasive solution to target every layer from muscle to skin to reduce your double chin by  31%.

How Does EMFACE Submentum Work?
EMFACE is the first procedure to apply patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and the HIFES™ muscle stimulation.

Stimulation of submental tissues together with radiofrequency heating results in an overall aesthetic improvement of the submental area.

Some patients aren’t happy to undergo invasive facial surgery or non-surgical treatments such as injectable wrinkle smoothing or dermal fillers, so if you are one of these patients, or simply would like to have tighter, lifted facial muscles and fewer facial wrinkles, this non-injectable, non-surgical device could be just what you are seeking.

How does Emface work?
Emface works by simultaneously emitting both synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES-brand energies. The homogenous RF heats up the collagen and elastin fibres within the dermal tissues, whilst the HIFES™ stimulation emits thousands of pulses per session to help contract the delicate facial muscles to lift, strengthen and tone. Each treatment session lasts only 20 minutes, so it’s a perfect treatment to have in your lunch break.
There is no downtime, no cause for home-based recovery, no stitches or the need to wear compression masks or dressings, as you would if you were to undergo extensive facial surgery. A course of treatment is recommended and you will be able to discuss the estimated number of sessions required, in a no obligation, initial consultation.

What are the perks of Emface?
• Each treatment is quick to complete (around 20 to 30 minutes)
• You can achieve optimum results in as little as 3 to 4 sessions
• There are no pre or post-Emface treatment preparation or aftercare
• Some patients report they see and feel a difference, immediately, post-treatment

1 Session £600
4 Sessions £1600 (Normally £2000)
8 Sessions £3000 (Normally £4000)