AQ Growth Factor Induced Therapy Facials

A GFIT Treatment – Growth Factor Induced Therapy – is the topical delivery system of growth factors to the skin using a dermastamp or post laser system. The AQ DermaStamp is a tool that introduces vertical microscopic channels into the skin by using micro-fine needles that enhances the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients into the skin. By introducing these channels into the skin it aids in delivering products that help to achieve optimum results from topical application of growth factors.

The AQ DermaStamp in conjunction with the AQ Recovery Serum, will intensify the benefits and enhance the penetration of growth factors and other skin renewing/therapeutic ingredients into the dermis, so that patients will see faster, more dramatic results than when using the serum or micro needling alone.

Results have shown effective improvement in skin texture, acne, lightening hyper-pigmented skin, reducing scar tissues and fine lines by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen formation, thus revealing a fresher, younger, and more healthy looking skin. It also considerably brings down the downtime of both micro-needling and post laser treatments.

Each Treatment includes : 1 Hour, 1 every 2 weeks
– Dermastamp Session & Recovery Serum (contains 60% Growth Factors)
– Intensive Moisturising Repair Mask (increases cell & Blood vessel production, aswell as collagen & elastin production & AQ Growth Factor Formula)
– LED MEDILUX Light Therapy

Optional : Clients can add onto their course a mild Alumier 20/10 or Radiant 30 Peel which is applied just before the DermaStamping (Acne clients recommended is 1 a week or alternate with Alumier peels)



1 Session : £300
4 Sessions : £1000 (add on peel, 4 sessions £200)
6 Sessions : £1250 (add on peel, 6 sessions £250)