So Lets Talk Vitamin C! Alumier’s Everative C & E Serum! My Favourite skin booster to get that GLOW!

Collagen is a major part of our skin and its health very much reflects a youthful skin. Collagen is what gives your body and in our case our skin structure, strength, and firmness. Here is the cruel truth as we age from maturity forward we lose approximately 1% of our collagen per year. So, what are we going to do about it?

Enter Vitamin C or more specifically L Ascorbic acid which is the form of Vitamin C that our skin can utilize most effectively. We all have Vitamin C in our bodies and it is a major factor in our health. Why is this important you ask? L Ascorbic Acid is essential for collagen production and therefore a healthy, youthful skin. L Ascorbic Acid is not only beneficial for maintaining healthy collagen but also a great anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants help defend against free radicals that are the little thieves of healthy skin. A clear L Ascorbic Acid is key, if not clear to light straw colour it actually stops working as an anti-oxidant. Always search out a clear formula for sure! AlumierMD has taken great effort to ensure that you will always have a clear and fresh formula with their newly launched EverActive C&E.

Alumier Everactive C & E Serum is a potent antioxidant serum to reduce the visible signs of ageing for all skin types. A unique delivery system ensures the vitamin C Complex is always optimally active. The Vitamin C powder is kept separate in a unique cap. This formula allows you complete control to activate when you are ready to use your serum, so the L Ascorbic Acid will never start to oxidize while sitting on the shelf waiting to be purchased.

I’ve been using the C & E Serum for 6 months now…. And boy have I noticed at difference!!! My skin is visibly brighter, healthier & has improved massively my Rosacea which I have suffered from for years. I’m positively ‘Hooked’ and i’m positively GLOWING!!

Vitamin C is clearly a great choice for all skin types and conditions. In order to maximize the benefit to your skin you should seek advice from The AL5 Aesthetics…. Alumier Pro’s. The Therapists will be happy to guide you on how to incorporate Vitamin C into your routine!

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