A 12 week step plan to beautifully radiant and younger looking skin! The AL5 Ultimate Skin Package Review

I have always been fairly lucky with my skin. I have never been prone to acne or other skin disorders. If anything my skin has always been on the dry side, but I thought by slathering on the moisturiser every night, the flaky dry patches would magically disappear!

Now well into my 40’s I decided it was one thing having a “nice relaxing facial” as a little treat once in awhile, but that I needed to actually start investing in my skin with the right treatments and the right after care. The minute I hit my 40’s, like so many others, the fine lines are becoming that bit more noticeable, the darkness under my eyes a bit more prominent and my face just seems to lack elasticity. As for a youthful glow, that only happens after a hardcore session at the gym and its more a beaming red than a radiant glow!

I decided if I was going to go for it, I might as well go the whole hog and invest in a skin program which would mean committing to weekly treatments and after care at home, this time with the right products.

After a full consultation, Zoe recommended The Ultimate Package which would include 3 Alumier peels, 3 LP Face Lift facials and 3 Skin Pen facials, along with a recovery set to use at home after each treatment.

I thought it would be interesting to document my journey, firstly to see the changes to my skin but also to explain how the treatments all work to those who might be interested in trying them either separately, or as a package. All treatments at The AL5 are bespoke and tailored to you and your skin, so its always worth popping in for a free consultation.

Week 1 – The Radiant 30 Peel
The course starts with a Radiant 30 Peel which resurfaces the skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues. The treatment lasts for about 45 minutes and is very relaxing. There is a feeling of heat and tingling at times, but Lois my therapist asks me to grade it in intensity as the peel is progressive not aggressive so that the skin is not pushed too far. My skin was left glowing afterwards, and there is no down time. I have my kit to use at home for the next 5 days which includes a cleanser, recovery balm and SPF.

Week 2 – LP Face Lift with DMA
So week 2 and this week it was time for an advanced non-surgical facelift where a roller is used across the face to tighten the skin and improve elasticity, reduce and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus aid in reducing crow’s feet and puffiness around the eyes. The DMA comes towards the end and feels like an electric pulse deep into the skin, it doesn’t hurt, but feels slightly odd yet you soon get used to it! My skin felt plumped and glowing as I walked out to start my day! No downtime on this treatment either so no one would ever know 😊

Week 3 – the dreaded Skin Pen
So I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this one, I have experienced micro-needling before and its fairly uncomfortable, but the Skin Pen is the best on the market but can be slightly painful for some. The treatment starts with a cleanser and then the fun begins! The Skin Pen starts on the cheeks which is actually quite nice! I was lulled into a false sense of security thereafter as other areas, particularly the upper lip, nose and around the eyes were really quite uncomfortable at times, but its bearable (no pain no gain😊).

The Skin Pen treatments can soften lines and wrinkles, minimise pore size and stimulates collagen production to induce skin tightening. The needling lasts for about 10 mins before I was put under the Medilux LED Light to help reduce the redness and irritation. On went the goggles and I was left to relax for about 15 minutes (I think!) – hard to know as the white noise actually sent me off to sleep!
OK. Now for the truth, you will leave looking like you have forgotten the factor 50 and been baking in 90 degree heat for 2 weeks straight. You will feel a prickly sunburnt and tight sensation on your skin. However do not fret, the redness dies down very quickly, but it will be 24 hours before your complexion goes back to normal, so I suggest an appointment late in the day, or that you are able to hibernate for a good few hours afterwards! You will be given a post procedure pack containing 2 creams and instruction on when and how to apply for the next day or two. I had my appointment at 10am this morning and its now 10pm and my skin feels tight but looks pretty much back to normal, so I am sure full service will be resumed on waking tomorrow 😊

Week 4 – rest week!

Week 5 – The Ultimate Glow Peel
My favourite treatment again, purely down to how amazing my skin looks and feels when I leave! I think the results below speak for themselves and I am only half way through my Ultimate Skin Course. One more peel to come in a few more weeks. My skin is undoubtedly brighter, my fine lines and skin tone are smoother and look at my jowls, most definitely tighter! The peel really does make you feel as though a whole layer of skin has been removed, to make you feel younger and fresher.

Week 6 – LP Face Lift with DMA
So week 5 already and this week it was time for my second treatment LP treatment with the radio frequency roller and DMA (dynamic muscle activation). This is a very relaxing treatment using a roller to tighten the skin and improve elasticity, reduce finer lines and puffiness. The DMA pulses aren’t painful and apart from being a little red afterwards (which doesn’t last), my skin feels plumped and energised.

Week 7 – Skin Pen
The dreading skin pen again and it was as uncomfortable as the first time! But it doesn’t last long and some areas are more painful than others, for example the forehead and top lip. This time I had the treatment early evening so that I could just come home and go to bed! By the morning the tightness and redness had gone completely! Today my skin is really soft to touch and I cant wait to see the results at the end of my course.

Week 8 – rest week

Week 9-12
The last 3 facials have been completed and my skin feels and looks fantastic! Fresher, fine lines on my forehead and around the eyes reduced, tighter (especially around the neck/jowls) and much brighter. The course has been wonderful and the way it is spread over 12 weeks means its easy to fit around a busy life! Would highly recommend this course to anyone needing a boost to their overall skin health.

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